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Those of you who keep up to date with this website on a regular basis have expressed some surprise that it didn't feature more aeroplanes in it,  given how Captain Webmaster spends his weekends. I thank Niamh for her perspicacious comment. I suppose I'm living up to my public image as a difficult and enigmatic person to deal with - my other great toy habit is cars and that section of the website doesn't feature any actual vehicles either.  

Likewise Mrs.Webmaster doesn't appear anywhere. In truth, that's partly because she has her own website and partly because I didn't want to look like what Helen Fielding termed one of the "smug marrieds" parading my perfect life arrangements like a badge of superiority to annoy others and simply inviting the intervention of the Furies. That's the Furies of Greek legend I'm referring to, not the very hairy band of traditional Irish musicians who used to play with Davey Arthur.

Anyways, I finally got around to doing a section on aviation. True to form, the only aeroplane to make the final cut is the one pictured above which belongs to my landlord, Mr. Ian Valentine, and which is both beyond my humble capabilities and out of my price range. Still if you can afford your own airfield, you can probably afford a nice aeroplane to park on it.  Respect, Ian.

I recently made a pilgrimage to Shannon Airport, one of the most significant aviation sites in this small land.  Read about it here.

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