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Political Art: The Virtual Museum of Political Art

Design Museum Zürich


Kittenwar: It's HotOrNot...with cats

Daily Kitten: Not as interactive as Kittenwar, but Fiona thinks it's wrong to rate Kittens. She regards them all as equally lovely.

Cats In Sinks: It's about cats. In sinks.


Finding things

Doogle - the Irish search engine


Music Non-Stop

Ed Tierney

I Am Kloot

Paddy Milner and the Big Sounds

Queen Kong

Sugar Plum Fairies

The Butterfly Explosion

The Radio



See it for yourself - the entry lane webcam

Ben Lovejoy's complete English language guide

That funky Mini


People with things to say

Aine Chambers - explore the wild beauty of Sligo, roam across the mountains and peer into the shady valleys

Limmy - Glaswegian ball of pure talent, suspiciously in touch with his gay side

Narelle Cunningham - Another Scot, in fairness gives warning of what to expect on her title page


Other Stuff

A glimpse of Fiona

A glimpse of others: It's Kittenwar...with punters

The last link

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